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Northern Concrete Pipe Inc. Now Markets & Manufactures Stormceptor®.

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Resins used to manufacture PVC and HDPE pipe have been severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey and there will be a shortage of PVC and HDPE pipe in the market place for an unknown duration. This has resulted in the resins manufacturers to declare Force Majeure, (unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract), which relieves them of pricing agreements and contracts that they currently have with pipe suppliers and other parties. Due to this declaration, pipe suppliers are seeing, at a minimum, price increases of 20-30% for PVC and HDPE pipe with further increases potentially on the horizon. Once these increases are absorbed, it is highly unlikely that prices will be reduced to pre-hurricane levels.

Northern Concrete Pipe has not been impacted by the recent hurricanes and will continue to hold its pricing for all contracts and agreements through the end of the year. We have a large inventory at all of our plants, and can ship immediately. Please keep this in mind for existing projects, as well as projects that are in design or heading for construction, as this could have significant impacts on client budgets, construction costs, schedules and material availability.

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